Cumorah Farm
Palmyra, N.Y.
May 26, 1935

Dear sister,

Since my receipt of your last letter Mother has toldme of your "blessed event," and we are thrilled with your good fortune. I like the name you have chosen for him also, and hope he will continue to bring much happiness to you and Ellsworth.

I am returning, under separate covers, a booklet called "A Short History of the Church" which Eli was good enough to lend me. As I now have another copy, I am returning it with thanks.

Since my transfer from Connecticut to the Cumorah District on April 30 it has been pleasant to see the folks quite often. Yesterday (Saturday) I took time off to work in the orchard for them.

Along with 37 other missionaries of the Eastern States Mission I am engaged in a special drive in the area within a 20-mile radios of Palmyra, which will continue until the dedication of the Cumorah monument on July 21. We hope to do some good work by this concentration of effort, which has significance with the connection of the monument. 

We are visiting every home - rural and urban - in the section. Eleven of us stay together at the LDS hall in Palmyra and drive out 5 or 10 miles every morning to a rural section in which we go tracting until late afternoon, when we return. 

On week ends I have visited Rochester and Buffalo for publicity work. At Buffalo I stayed at Mary Payne Chambers' place. She has three children, girl 11, girl 9, and boy 7.

Three of the elders and myself in our group have formed a quartette, and are signing an amateur program over WHEC, Rochester, tomorrow night. Too bad you can't tune in.

Every day or so there are visitors here from somewhere we have been. Today Bro & Sis Douglas Anderson visited us and sent to the Peter Whitmer farm with us in the afternoon. The church was organized there. Next Sunday we are having a session of the Cumorah District Conference here.