July 12th 1924

Dearest Mother:

It seems as if I've been away from you a month and it is only 3 or 4 days. I am so lonesome for you and little Junie & Lois especially but I don't miss Marvin's annoyance because Thelma is just as bad. We haven't done anything in particular lately except except I went to the show last night and went swimming on Wednesday. Don and I can't wait till we get out to the ranch. We will go Mon. or To-day. Thelma andI have planned out what we are going to do on the ranch and we will all have dandy fun. I would like to hear from the boys, or you if you have time. I certainly get all the walking I need because I take the cow to pasture about four blocks away and go to get her. and go down to the creek almost every day. The only thing I don't do is milk her.

I wish I could hear Junie's & Losis's sweet voices again (over)

Don might write to you to-day but if he doesn't he says he is lonesome for you all and sends his love.

I am feeling fine and hope you are the same. Tell Lois this letter is for her too, and you can read it to the rest of the family. Tell everyone "Hello." If I wrote a letter to you when I came form the ranch it would be a dozen pages so I'll keep it to tell you when I get home.

Excuse the writing. I have to go down and help get breakfast ready. Tell Lois I am bringing a surprise home for her and Junie together.

Lovingly your daughter