diseases, sports, accidents, holli[…] books, reminisces 

June 27/27 Met Pres. Grant who spoke

Mon […] in Leth.

Feb 8/28 Zola farewell. MIA clan.

Fri March 25/29 Browns move to SLC

March 28/27 My last day at Leth High - Tease history teacher […] light - chew gum

Dot note

Oliver Marv. leave for 10 day scout camp

Mar 14/27 photo with Grade xB


Sent summer 27

MS & Bill mankell[?]

16 July 13/27 Won 1st prize BH scrap book

July 30 27 Get wind-blown

Aug 3 to 7 1927 Go to Cardston

Stamped hay at farm

Went to country dance then city dance 

swim with Roberta