Feb 16th 1923
(age 12) [[parenthesis added in pen  by Dorothy at a later date]]

Dear Grandma:

I don't think I have written to you for a long time. I needed a new dress this winter and mama didn't have any cloth so she though she would make one out of the camona you sent me for Christmas if you didn't mind. Just as long as it was being used for what I most needed. From the elbows the sleeves are chrocheted in the same 

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color (magenta corduroy) [[parenthesis added in pen by Dorothy at later date]] yarn as dress, then a cuff of the cloth. It blouses at waist, and has pannels at sides, which have crocheting of about 3 inches and then the cloth. It is certainly pretty. It is conference this Saturday (to-morrow) an already Br. Standford & his daughter, Uncle Ugene Bushman, Mary Cheney & Br. Roberts are staying here. When I started this letter it was Friday night, but I had to go to bed, and moro 'tis Sat. Feb 17th morning. All have gone to conference except Lois June & I. I wish you could come & stay with us again. I am going to a Valentine Party this afternoon 4 o'clock at Theodora Ostlund's place. Orisa Green has moved to Vancouver, so now I have just Zola Brown as a best friend. Orisa just wrote me a letter yesterday & she sent me a Valentine. She told Zola to tell her friends to to be surprised if they come back in a weaks. They have been gone for nearly 3 weeks or more I think. I am getting along fine in school. Will tell boys to write. Hope you are all well, for we are. 

Love to all Dorothy Smith


age 12


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